Binaural Beats


On hearing two different tones, each tone in every ear, their frequency is slightly different, and the brain will process a beat at the frequencies difference. Such beat is known as a binaural beat. The binaural beats therapy is a form of upcoming soundwave therapy where the left and right ears will listen to two quite varying frequency tones, but they will perceive the two tones as a single tone. A binaural auditory beat heard by a person has a difference in the frequencies between a person’s left and right ear, and it ought to be at varying frequencies below a thousand hertz. Additionally, the difference between the tones should not be more than thirty hertz for the binaural beat to be detected by the brain.

Binaural beats is a way of using auditory sounds to talk to distinct brain parts directly, rather than having them filtered through the conscious mind and sensory thoughts. The beats stimulate the brain without having to think, move, or do anything. When listening, binaural beats stimulate the brain leading to deeper relaxation levels. Binaural beats can be considered to be an auditory illusion. Tones have to be listened to separately through every ear. The beats are used in music for tuning instruments such as organs and pianos.

The binaural beats ranging between one to thirty Hz are claimed to create similar brainwave patterns one experiences during meditation. When listening to sounds with certain frequencies, the brain waves synchronize with the frequency. The theory indicates that binaural beats help in creating frequencies needed by the brain. The waves created are often experienced in meditation. Using binaural beats this way is often known as brainwave entrainment technology. 

Benefits of Binaural Beats

The reasons for using binaural beats therapy differs among different people. While other people will be aiming at decreasing anxiety, others will be trying to increase the level of concentration and deepen meditation level. Some of the benefits of binaural beats include:

  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Low stress
  • Fostering positive moods and attitudes
  • Helps in relaxation
  • Increases a person’s confidence
  • Promotes creativity
  • Creates room for deeper meditation
  • Improves the psychomotor mood and performance
  • Helps in pain management
  • Increases motivation

The main benefit of binaural beats is in meditation. Meditation is a way of calming down the mind by tuning the number of random thoughts passing through the mind. Regular meditation reduces anxiety and stress, thereby, slowing down the rate of memory loss and brain aging, promoting emotional health, and lengthening the attention span of an individual.

How to use Binaural Beats

Listening to the binaural beats will require one to have one of the stereo set of headphones and a music system or an MP3 player. The binaural beats therapy should never be used when undertaking tasks requiring full attention and alertness like operating machinery or driving. When listening to the beats you require:

  • Fifteen to thirty minutes listening time
  • A relaxing plus quiet listening place
  • Patience
  • Stereo headphones since every ear will hear sounds in different frequencies

According to Deb Smith, a life coach and therapists, for maximal and full effects of the binaural beats therapy, practice the therapy for thirty to forty-five days at 15-30 minutes daily. Smith also adds that, after a person completes the initial therapy, maintenance practice in the form of yoga and meditation should be adopted and done continuously.

Audios on binaural beats can be gotten on YouTube or in the form of downloadable audio files or CDs to audio devices. Always decide the brainwave fitting the state you desire. Generally, the binaural beats can be summarized as;

Binaural beat Frequency Range Role
In delta 1 to 4 Hz Associated with relaxation and deep sleep
In theta 4 to 8 Hz Lead to REM sleep, creative and meditative states, reduced anxiety, and relaxation.
In alpha 8 to 13 Hz Encourage relaxation, decrease anxiety, and promote positivity.
In beta 14 to 30 Hz Increases concentration and alertness improves memory and is essential for problem-solving.

For maximum benefits from binaural betas, get a place free from any distractions. Listen to the beat for a minimum of thirty minutes every day using stereo headphones to ensure that the rhythm will be entrained in the entire brain. Experiment with the time you listen to the beats to figure out what is ideal for you. For instance, when under much stress or anxiety, take more time to listen to the audio.

Scientific Studies and Research

There are various studies indicating the importance of binaural beats therapy. Various studies have indicated that the therapy is essential in anxiety reduction. A study with nineteen participants was carried out by Dr. Vincent Giampapa. Dr. Vincent discovered that using binaural beats therapy in delta, alpha, and theta patterns resulted in positive effects on humans. The doctor said that the beats improve a person’s production of DHEA, melatonin, and cortisol. His research study concluded that binaural therapy:

  • Hormone DHEA affects the aging of a person and their resistance to diseases. High DHEA levels are closely linked with improved health. In the study, he noted an increased level of DHEA among sixty-eight participants after using the therapy.
  • Cortisol is a hormone closely linked with stress, and if the levels are slightly higher than the normal, there will be negative impacts on a person’s body. High cortisol levels lead to conditions like anxiety, changes in menstrual cycle patterns, depression, Cushing syndrome, and changes in the female libido. He noted that reduced levels of hormone cortisol among seventy to eighty percent of the study participants.
  • Melatonin is a hormone playing a major role in peaceful sleep. The study noted a mean increase in melatonin by 97.77%.

Researchers from Oregon; The National College of Natural Medicine situated in Oregon, conducted a study using eight participants. The participants listened to the binaural beat in delta wave on a daily basis for around sixty days. Results indicated decreased anxiety, insulin growth factors, and dopamine. Participants experienced increased life quality. The conclusion by the researchers was that binaural beats could improve any self-reported levels of anxiety through further study.

There was another extensive study with more than a hundred participants. The participants were undergoing general anesthesia for surgical procedures. The study reported decreased pre-operational anxiety. Participants listened to the beats thirty minutes before the surgical procedure. The researchers concluded that people with high levels of pre-surgery anxiety should listen to the binaural beats, up to an hour before the anesthesia is administered for reduction of anxiety levels.

There exists little evidence on any extreme side effects on the use of binaural beat therapy. There is a need for further research due to conflicting data from some studies. Various studies have concluded that using beats in auditory stimulation promises a new way of using tool manipulation in the cognitive process and the modulation of multiple moods. The binaural beats are generated when the sine waves from neighboring frequencies having stable amplitudes will be presented separately to every ear. Binaural beats will be generated when sine waves are at a very close range. For example, when a 440 Hz tone is presented to one ear and a 400 Hz to the other ear, a 40 Hz beat will be perceived. The beat will appear as if found deep inside the head; the perception is known as a binaural beat percept.


Benefits of 963Hz Frequency: • It awakens and interconnects the universe. • It’s essential in reconnecting with the inner being in a person. • Awakens Crystal Clear Intuition. • Oneness & Connection With The Universe. • Higher Consciousness & spirituality.


Benefits of 963 Hz Frequency: • It awakens and interconnects the universe. • It’s essential in reconnecting with the inner being in a person. • Awakens Crystal Clear Intuition. • Oneness & Connection With The Universe. • Higher Consciousness & spirituality.


Benefits of the 528 Hz Frequency: • It’s a frequency resonating with nature, harmonizing vibrations. • The frequency keeps one in ecstatic states such as deep inner peace. • The 528 Hz frequency gives your mental clarity and awareness. • Said To Heal DNA & Harmnoize cells. • Elevated consciousness & levels of self-love. • [...]


Benefits of the 528 Hz Frequency: • It’s a frequency resonating with nature, harmonizing vibrations. • The frequency keeps one in ecstatic states such as deep inner peace. • The 528 Hz frequency gives your mental clarity and awareness. • Said To Heal DNA & Harmonize cells. • Elevated consciousness & levels of self-love. • [...]


Before one uses binaural beats, he or she should speak with healthcare providers or qualified professionals to determine if the beats therapy will be ideal for them. No known side effects of listening to binaural beats have been recorded. Always ensure that the sound level from headphones sets will not be too high. Any lengthy exposure to any sound above or at eighty-five decibels can lead to hearing loss over a period of time. This noise is roughly similar to the one produced by quite heavy traffic. Any person who has epilepsy should first speak to their doctor before trying the beat. Binaural beats are an effective way of fighting stress, negative mental states, and anxiety. Listening to audio files or CDs having binaural beats leads to positive effects on one’s mood, creativity, memory, anxiety, and attention. 

Being a meditation master is a challenging task. The binaural beats do not work for every person. The beats cannot serve as a cure for any condition. The beats is an ideal relaxation way for the perfect escape and peaceful sleep or to enter into a meditative state.

Binaural beats are very essential for enhanced learning. The right sound frequency helps the brain to be more open to learning new things and concepts. Binaural beats help listeners in developing strong abilities in retaining things and in spatial perception when something is heard, thereby, enhancing the learning process. Binaural beats can be described as brain music or music specially designed for the brain. When one listens to differing audio frequencies at the same time, the person’s concentration when studying will be improved, meditation will be increased, and the creativity will be higher.