Facts on 432 Hz

432Hz transforms music

The frequency is used in music tuning. Any music tuned using the frequency is more pleasant yielding positive results in the human body and mind. It is one of the ideal frequencies to be used in meditation.

The Planet’s heartbeat

Studies indicate there is an existing electromagnetic frequency between the 7.86Hz and 8Hz. The electromagnetic frequency is only activated by lightning. This occurs in the region between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Synchronizes the brain

The brain is made of two hemispheres, the analytical and logical left brain, and the intuitive and creative right brain. The 432 Hz synchronizes the whole brain by maximizing the potential of a person as a spiritual being, artist, and thinker. 

432 Hz is felt

The 432 Hz frequency, when used in music, is nice to the ears, brighter, softer, and beautiful. The untrained ears will rarely get to notice the difference, but the difference will be felt.

432 Hz harmonizes us with nature

The frequency has the ability to give one peace and tranquility. Since human beings form part of nature, the frequency is always calm and harmonious to nature. It’s the perfect mediator between people and nature.

Increases connectivity

The 432 Hz increases the well-being of a person and their connection to the rest of the world. It engages the intuition of a person, increasing their creativity, expanding the consciousness in people, and sharpen their intellect.

432Hz is very significant in nature

432 is one of the significant numbers found in ancient sites and spiritual texts. For instance, the sun has a radius of 432,000 miles. The prayer necklace for mala has 108 beads which when multiplied by four yields 432.  Based on computer programs, one golf ball has a maximum of 432 dimples.

The 432Hz frequency relaxes

Vocal toning or singing using 432Hz is extremely relaxing. The music with the frequency is perceived to fill an entire space rather than travelling in a single line or direction. Aligning the voice with the frequency will yield a powerful and unified resonant effect.

432Hz is ideal in mediation

To experience an ideal and deeply cleansed meditation frequency, use 432Hz music. It will dive into your consciousness giving you a chance at a nourishing and deeper experience. It is a frequency resonating with the mind and the body.

Ancient instruments used 432Hz frequency

Ancient musical instruments gotten from Egypt indicate they used the 432 Hz. Stradivarius violins have superior construction and they yield superior sound as they use 432 Hz. The frequency always yielded exceptionally high-quality music.